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Welcome to threatSHIELD Security, LLC.

"Central Florida Cyber Security Experts"

  • Secured Layer Approach...

    Babylon once felt so secure...

    Babylon once felt so secure behind its massive walls and robust gates that its king feasted while the Persian army [...]

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    Secured Layer Approach
  • Security Driven by Intelligence!...

    The ability of a breach...

    The ability of a breach detection system to “detect the invisible” is particularly important because of the many zero-day attacks [...]

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    Security Driven by Intelligence!
  • Detect the Invisible!...

    Today’s security devices are required...

    Today’s security devices are required to “detect the invisible” – unknown malware and their indicators of compromise (IoC). A breach [...]

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    Detect the Invisible!
  • Unique 12 Layer Approach!!...

    threatSHIELD Security and its unique...

    threatSHIELD Security and its unique 12 Layer Approach have become a compelling alternative to traditional security technologies that fail to [...]

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    Unique 12 Layer Approach!!
  • Superior Security!...

    Two popular icon libraries! Choose...

    Two popular icon libraries! Choose from two awesome icon libraries for whichever design style suits you best. [...]

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    Superior Security!
  • Security at Its Best!...

    Securing your network, data,...

    Securing your network, data, and systems is becoming a top priority as criminals and unsavory individuals continue to find [...]

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    Security at Its Best!
  • Private Members Area...

    Upload and set private files...

    Upload and set private files for registered members. You can upload popular file types such as PDF's, Word docs, Excel, [...]

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    Private Members Area
  • Protected Posts...

    Keep your posts protected and...

    Keep your posts protected and private for logged in members only. The private post feature is a great for protecting [...]

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    Protected Posts

Tampa Cyber Security

Managed Security and Cyber Security is what we Do!

Unique Layer Approach

Unique 12 Layer Approach as a force to detect the Invisible…

Real Time Detection

Top security and 14 years of Cyber Security Experience!


Performance & Security Threats!stat_icon


Performance & Improvementsstat_icon


Stability & Control!stat_icon

Take your company to the next level

threatSHIELD Security , LLC  is a Tampa Cyber Security company prepared to defend your network and assets from increasingly sophisticated targeted cyber-crime threats. We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by monitoring your network systems and data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year; on premise or in the cloud.Tampa Cyber Security Services!

Our Intelligence comes from a combination of Top Security experts and organizations (FBI, Homeland Security and Cyber Security Experts from the Israeli Army). Tampa Cyber Security Services!

Advanced Security Foundation

The skills you need to Protect your network!

Understanding Communication Channels

The skills you need to make Wise decisions!

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Security Experts

These are just a few of the stellar IT Security Experts and developers that will be part of the Security Architecture.


Robert Atherton


Robert has over three decades of experience providing direct oversight of the sales technical delivery of global offsite and onsite services ... [...]


Felix Negron


Founder who developed threatSHIELD Security 12 Layers Approach. Mr. Negron is an internationally recognised Cyber Security expert with over two decades of experience. [...]


Yessika Negron


Mrs. Negron earned her degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry at the Catholic University of PR. [...]




Fifteen Years of experience absorbing intelligence and building the 12 Layer Security Approach!


Reverse Eng.

We have done more than 400 Reverse Engineering of Malware!


End Points

We manage more than 7,000 end points.


ITIL Process

ITIL Process is our standard with regards of process Improvements!.
Companies that partner with us for training